EQUIFORCE is a series of highly concentrated feed supplements with proven results. Only the highest quality ingredients are used, including natural vitamins; antioxidants and amino acids; herb and yeast extracts; vegetable oils; chelated trace elements; and natural flavours. The supplements are being manufactured under strict guidelines and are free of substances prohibited by the FEI and the British Jockey Club.

All products are free-flowing, easy-dosable, and dust-free powders (except EquiForce Oil, EquiForce B+ Liquid and EquiForce Matrix HA Liquid) and are palatable and well accepted by horses.

The complete EquiForce product range is listed below:

EQUIFORCE Zinc & Copper

Organic zinc & copper with natural vitamin E and organic selenium
Concentrated and easy absorbable organic zinc and copper, added natural vitamin E and organic selenium. Supports the protection and recovery of healthy skin and is therefore recommended to horses when the skin's natural protective barrier and immune system are challenged.


Probiotic supplement with live yeast strain for horses
Prevents with regular use imbalances in the hindgut and stabilizes the microbiome of the hindgut. A healthy gut function is crucial for the horse’s health and well-being.


Concentrated magnesium supplement for horses
Calming remedy for nervous and anxious horses. Contains high levels of easily absorbed magnesium which is important for the muscle- and nerve function of the (sport) horse. Magnesium is also an important building block in the horse´s skeleton.

EQUIFORCE Performance+ Booster

Refuels energy and improves performance and recovery
A highly concentrated energy booster, containing quickly available energy, chelated trace elements and antioxidants. 

EQUIFORCE Ventilator+

Supports the airways and immune system
Refreshing supplement with a multiple blend of essential oils (eucalyptus, peppermint, anise, and rosemary), Echinacea purpurea (red sun hat) and honey. The formula is dual-acting: it soothes and relieves the airways but also supports the immune system in a natural way.


Concentrated B-vitamins with MSM and brewer´s yeast​
B- Vitamins (B1, B2, B6, and B12), together with MSM and brewer’s yeast. To be used during shedding/moulting, in case of fatigue, poor appetite, seniority, stress and hard work. Restores the horse´s energy and B vitamin levels back to normal in 3 - 4 weeks.


Liquid B-vitamin complex for horses
Concentrated B-vitamin supplement, rich in all the B-vitamins needed by horses. It is recommended for the prevention and remedying of B-vitamin deficiencies that can occur during periods of shedding/moulting, growth (in foals and youngstock), under intensive workloads, competition and racing.


Concentrated beta carotene with natural vitamin E and selenium​
For broodmares and active stallions. Contains high levels of beta carotene, natural vitamin E, and chelated selenium. Promotes oestrus and ovulation in mares and strengthens the maintenance of an achieved pregnancy. It also improves the sperm quality and quantity of active stallions

EQUIFORCE Complete Vital

Highly concentrated multivitamin- and mineral supplement
Based on grassmeal, seaweed, natural spices, and flavours. Contains solely coated vitamins and organic (chelated) trace elements for the highest nutritional value and a prolonged shelf life. Completes and balances a cereal ration with all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Also very suited for horses who only need a vitamin and mineral supplement or graising horses as well as an extra supplement when  feeding with inferior quality roughage.


Natural vitamin E with selenium, magnesium, and 6 amino acids​
Concentrated natural vitamin E with added chelated selenium, magnesium, and 6 amino acids that support and enhance the effect of vitamin E. Builds up and protects the horse’s muscles during training, competition, or racing. Recommended during hard work/competition, for horses prone to stiff or tense muscles and for young horses in work.


Iron supplement with vitamins, amino acids, and trace elements​
Concentrated and easily absorbed chelated iron, added essential amino acids, vitamins and chelated trace elements. Recommended in case of low blood count, which can cause fatigue and impaired performance. B vitamins and vitamin C ensures good absorption of iron and rapid restoration of normal blood count.


Biotin with MSM, amino acids, vitamins, and trace elements
Concentrated and easily absorbed biotin supplement with MSM, vitamins, brewer’s yeast, essential amino acids and chelated trace elements. Ensures restoration of healthy and strong horn. Recommended in case of brittle, porous and soft horn, and poor horn growth. Due to the slow growth of the horn it is recommended to use the product for at least 6 months. However, clear improvements in the horn quality can be seen already after 1-2 months of use.


Electrolytes with chelated trace elements and antioxidants
Highly concentrated electrolytes with added chelated trace elements and powerful antioxidants. Provides optimal electrolyte and fluid balance and an effective protection of the horse´s muscles hence providing increased stamina, larger thirst, and faster recovery during/after hard exercise, transport, competition or race.

EQUIFORCE Lyte liquid

Liquid supplement that instantly compensates the loss of electrolytes and energy
It contains 100% pure meritose; a highly absorbable carbohydrate source for instant energy. In addition, a high concentration of water-soluble electrolytes is added to optimally compensate sweat losses.


Joint support for protection and improvement of the horse´s mobility
Highly concentrated joint supplement composed of glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, boswellin, and HA. EquiForce Matrix HA is one of the most concentrated products on the market and has a unique dual-acting formula that protects the horse´s joints from the negative effects of training, competition, and racing. Additionally, it supports the joint function and mobility when this is reduced by age, wear, or injuries.

EQUIFORCE Matrix HA liquid

Liquid joint support for protection and improvement of the horse´s mobility
EquiForce Matrix HA is one of the most concentrated joint supplements on the market and has a unique dual-acting and highly nourishing formula that, on regular use, makes the horse able to maintain and protect his joints better from the negative effects of training, competition, and racing, as well as supporting the joint function and mobility when this is reduced by age, wear, or injuries.


Special oil rich in omega-3-6-9 fatty acids, lecithin, and natural vitamin E​
Feed supplement that is rich in energy and essential (omega 3-6-9) fatty acids. Very suitable for horses in hard work, horses with poor overall condition, poor skin/coat, and immune system, horses prone to digestive problems (constipation and colic), as well as horses with poor appetite. EquiForce Oil is also ideal if you just want to reduce the total amount of starch in the diet or increase the total energy in the diet without feeding extra grains.


To sand-out the digestive system
Psylliumhusks with unique sand-binding properties. If sand and soil are present in the colon, this is encapsulated and removed from the body with the manure. This prevents the accumulation of sand that has been absorbed by the horse. Contains 95% pure husks!