Breeding and stud range

HAVENS horsefeed has a succesful range of products for breeding. This comprises of two products:
  • Ferto-LAC 3 marecubes: for gestating and lactating mares.
  • Opti-GROW foalcubes: a foal feed especially made for the needs of a foal in the first 18 months after birth
Gestating and lactating mares have an increased need for energy, high quality proteins and the important boneminerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.
Foals are born without stock of vitamin A (which has to be provided by the mares milk in the first weeks) so the mare's need for vitamine A is also increased.

HAVENS Ferto-LAC 3 special broodmare cubes offers the following advantages: 
  • Increased energy and protein level for an optimal milk production;
  • Increased level of the 3 most important amino-acids (Lysine, Methionin, Cystein);
  • Increased level of the 3 bone minerals Ca., P. and Mg.;
  • Multi-Calcium-Complex: 3-fold Calcium-provision with perfect releasing to prevent orthopaedic diseases like OCD;
  • High levels of Vitamins to support the mare’s fertility and the foals resistance and immune system;
  • To be fed from 6th month of gestation until weaning.

Very high-quality small Foal Cubes from start to the first 12 to 18 months. Havens Opti-GROW Foal Cubes have high levels of the best quality proteins (milk- and soybeanproteins, as well as extra added amino-acids), extra energy-sources and milkproducts to supply foals with a good start.
  • Increased energy- and protein level for optimal muscle building;
  • High in vitamins, trace-minerals and essential amino acids;
  • Multi-Calcium-Complex and threefold Calcium-provision for a strong and healthy skeleton (reduces the risk for OCD);
  • Very tasty and digestible, in order to permit feed intake by the foal from a few weeks of age onwards;
  • To be fed from a few weeks of age until 18 months of age.