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2 kg premium licking-blocks for horses made of 96 % natural salts, added minerals, important trace-elements and biotin.
For all living organisms, salts, minerals and trace-elements are of vital importance for the general health and functioning of blood, bodycells and muscles.
Salt and mineral deficiency can lead to a lack of appetitereduced conditionlack of energydull or dead appearance and reduced performance. Especially when providing large quantities of (low-mineralised) roughage (or roughage grown in mediteranean or middle east countries), special attention should be paid to avoid deficiencies.
It should also be noted that sporthorses, horses in training and horses living in hot climates have an increased excretion of salts and minerals through sweating and urine. Additional salts, minerals and trace-elements should be included in the daily ration.

  • Made of 96% natural salts to optimise blood- and cell functions;
  • With extra magnesium (2000 mg/kg) to stimulate nervefunctions;
  • With increased levels of all vital trace-elements: selenium (15 mg/kg); manganese (1.250 mg/kg), copper (200 mg/kg), iodine (100 mg/kg), cobalt (40 mg/kg) and zinc (1.500 mg/kg)
  • WIth extra biotin (Vit. H.) to improve coat- and hoofcondition;
  • In an easy-to-supply 2 kilo block.

A tasty but healthy treat for horses containing 100% natural cereals, minerals and 500mg extra Vit.E

  • With a light vanilla flavour
  • Healthy, natural and tasty
  • Packed in bags of 1 kg