Allround, cooling and conditioning

Leisure horses are generally only in a low to moderate level of exercise. It is therefore important to provide these horses with all the important nutrients without a surplus of energy.
Within our product range we have a couple of products that are particularly suitable for leisure horses or horses of sober breeds (e.g. Fjord, Shetland ponies, Friesians and Shires). However, these products can also be a solution for nervous sport horses.

Basis Sport cubes are 100% natural and non-heating condition cubes. This feed is oat free and is characterised by a moderate energy content, suitable for horses in low to medium work. It is fully balanced with all necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements and it thus provides your horse with all nutrients it needs.
  • Alfalfa based formula
  • Suits all horses, especially cold bloods, mature (leisure) horses and ponies
  • Oat free; maintains calmness

COOL-MIX (Muesli without oats) 
Cool-Mix is a special muesli with extra alfalfa and unique spelt wheat. It has a low and slow-releasing energy content and a low level of sugar at the same time. Cool-Mix has high levels of vitamins, minerals and trace elements and supports an optimal natural resistance.
  • Ideal for easy-to-feed or nervous horses
  • High level of natural beta-carotene
  • Low sugar to reduce risk of laminitis
  • High levels of important nutrients