Performance 14

Learn more about our new Performance 14! This special muesli is the perfect nutrition for all horses and ponies that have to perform. Here are the chararcteristics:
  • Performance 14 uses a unique combination of highly palatable slow and fast releasing energy sources to support high performance horses. The formula meets the requirements of anaerobic respiration and therefore provides instant energy to support power and speed. The extra oils and fibres enhance the stamina and a prolonged performance. 
  • The high content of toasted soybeans is a source of high-quality proteins and essential amino acids, promoting muscle development and repair. For extra muscle support a high vitamin E level is added to support  the discharge of milk acid and make the muscles more elastic. 
  • Performance 14 contains banana flakes and extra electrolytes to maintain fluid balance, muscle contraction and neural activity. It is very important to replenish minerals that are flushed out via   sweat in order to achieve high performance goals. 
  • The added dried garlic supports the homeostasis and constant vital functions. Furthermore, garlic (rich in selenium and sulphur) supports the immune system and acts as a vital antioxidant with depurative effects on the blood. 
  • Performance 14 contains Gastro+ which is blended with a special cocktail of sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium and additional probiotics to support the maintenance of normal acidity in the stomach and a healthy stomach function.
Energy sources
With every physical effort, muscle cells need to be fuelled with energy. The type of energy used by the muscle cells is dependent on the intensity of the exercise and this has to be supplied by the diet.
During low intensity exercise over a long period, the muscle cells are able to release sufficient energy via aerobic respiration, which utilises the oxygen available in the blood. This energy is obtained mainly via slow release energy sources such as fats and fibres.
However, when more intense exercise is required for a short period of time, the body is not able to transport enough oxygen quickly enough to the muscle cells. And so, the body needs to make use of stored
energy sources via anaerobic respiration.

For further information, the nutrititional values and a feeding advice: see our Brochure below (pdf document