Complete feeds; cubes, mueslis and mixtures

HAVENS Horsefeed produces a complete range of feed for all branches of equestrian activity; recreation, breeding or (top-level) sport (e.g. jumping, dressage, racing, trotting, western or endurance).
Each horse is different and gets trained and held in a different way. As a result they also have different needs regarding energy and other nutritional values. Our product range covers all needs; we have the right feed for every horse or pony. Whether it is in low, medium or high training, in breeding or with a specific demand (e.g. sensitive to laminitis, colic, sweet itch).
We also offer feeds without oats, without molasses or with extra spelt wheat.

The assortment of HAVENS consists of several high-quality cubes, mueslis and mixes.
See the overview below: 
  • HAVENS Senior Crumbs english

Senior Crumbs

Senior Crumbs is a small pelleted feed (crumbs), designed to meet the nutritional needs of horses in their golden years. The product is grain-free, rich in vitamins and helps to maintain good health while the aging horse faces difficulties in chewing and/or a loss of physical condition. Oat-free!

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  • HAVENS PERFORMANCE 14 (English language)

Performance 14

Special muesli with a unique combination of long-lasting and explosive energy to support both aerobic and anaerobic respiration. Additionally, it contains extra high-quality proteins and amino acids for muscle building, and Gastro + to support a healthy stomach.

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  • HAVENS animation Gastro+ EN subs


The Gastro+ is a nutritionally complete feed with extra acid buffers, a high specification of amino-acids, vitamins (i.a. 400mg Vit.E), and trace elements and extra oil. Low in sugars and starch! 20kg/bag.

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Basis-Sport Cubes

A non heating fully balanced condition cube for light to medium work. Contains all essential vitamins and minerals.
Suits all horses (especially cold bloods, and mature horses) and ponies. Oat-free!  25kg/bag


No. 1 bestselling allround sport- and performance cubes for horses in medium to high exercise. It supports a perfect vitality and optimal hoof- and skincondition and contains high levels of B-vitamins, Biotin, and b-Carotene. 25kg/bag

Derby-Compact Cubes

Premium high energy sportcubes for (top) performance and hard training. The cubes contain a specific natural yeast for an optimal digestion of cereals.  25kg/bag

Endurance 14

Endurance 14 is a premium power & protein muesli for horses in long distance performance.
It contains slow-realease energy, high quality proteins and aminoacids, high levels of vitamins and electrolytes, garlic and Gastro+ to support long-lasting challenges

Ferto-LAC3 Mare Cubes

A unique and proven formula for gestating and lactating mares, with Multi-Calcium-Complex (MCC) and extra copper, increased energy- and protein-level for an optimal milk production, and increased level of the 3 most important amino acids. 25kg/bag

Opti-GROW Foalstarter

Very luxurious small cubes for the first 18 months with high levels of the best quality proteins, extra energy and many milkproducts to supply foals with a good start. Contains also extra essential amino acids and Multi-Calcium-Complex. 25kg/bag

Natural Balance - molasses free!

A unique and healthy muesli without added sugar. Contains an optimal omega 3/6 ratio, extra fibres, speltwheat and garlic. Oat and molasses free!  17.5kg/bag


Complete non-heating mix with alfalfa and speltwheat and with slow-releasing energy. High levels of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Ideal for all easy-to-feed horses and nervous or sensitive horses. Also for stallions and broodmares (high beta-carotene level). Oat free  20kg/bag


An allround horse muesli for all kind of sport- and breedinghorses with corn- and barley flakes, black oats and a special vitamin supplement. Highly digestible, gives a perfect condition and vitality. 20kg/bag

Green-Vet Herbalmuesli

Complete and exclusive mixture of micronised cereals, rolled black oats, alfalfa and carrotflakes and a variety of natural herbs and essential oils. Stimulates digestion, muscle metabolism and the respiratory system.  20kg/bag

Power-Plus Mix

Dry energy mix for sporthorses with black oats and a low protein content. Ideal for horses in high exercise and peak fitness. Provides extra power and strong, elastic muscles without fattening. Contains extra electrolytes (ideal for intense training or in hot climates).  20kg/bag

Kentucky Lite E

Kentucky Lite E is an energy mix, with black oats, fortified with vitamins and soybeanoil, for horses in high exercise. Permits optimal loading and storage of the glycogen reserves and improves muscle condition. 25kg/bag


Very palatable mixture, rich in vitamins and fibers, consisting of flaked cereals, toasted lineseed, wheatbran and dehydrated alfalfa, completed with extra vitamins and minerals. Ideal for (old) horses with dental problems, hard-keepers or to improve the condition of coat and hoofs. Oat free!  20kg/bag