General guidelines


It is important to feed a diet and quantity that meets the lifestyle and needs of the horse.
A general guideline for the recommended amount of concentrates per day:
  • For maintenance and basic sport: 0.2 to 0.5 kg per 100 kg bodyweight.
  • For (top) sport: 0.5 to 1.0 kg per 100 kg bodyweight.
Divide this daily ration into at least 2-3 meals per day.
Feed a good quality forage with a minimum of 1.5% of your horses' bodyweight.
Fresh drinking water must be available at all times.

We also advice to follow the 7 HAVENS Feeding-rules:
  1. Feed your horse (or horses) with small portions on a regular basis. Horses are generally used to be eating 60-80% of their time.
  2. Don't change the feed or feeding time just at once, make small changes. For example if you want to change from one muesli to the other mix, first, mix it 1/4 new 3/4 old. The next day, mix it 50/50. the day after that 3/4 new 1/4 old and fully switch to the new feed the day after that.
  3. Feed according to the need; a horse requires more concentrates
    during high level exercise, than on days with low level exercise
  4. Always feed your horse enough good quality roughage, that looks good, is dust-free and smells well. The recommended quantity is at least 1,5% of the body weight per day
  5. Supply your horse with hay first before you give it muesli or cubes. The chewing stimulates saliva production, which is favorable for a healthy digestion.
  6. Let the horse rest for at least 1 hour after feeding time before exercise.
  7. Fresh drinking water must be available at all times