NATURAL BALANCE   molasses-free
There is a rising demand for products that are molasses-free and low in sugar. Therefore HAVENS has developed Natural Balance: a product with multiple unique features and broad application:
  • Free of molasses and no added sugar; highly suitable for sober breeds and horses that are prone to laminitis, sweet-itch and insulin resistance
  • Optimal omega 3/6 ratio; improved fertility, stamina, hoof quality, skin, fur, ability to concentrate and performance
  • High fibre level; suitable for horses sensitive to stomach ulcers
  • With spelt wheat and garlic – without oats

GREEN VET  reform-herbal-muesli
A complete and exclusive mixture of micronised cereals barley, wheat, corn, rolled black oats, alfalfa, carrot flakes, alfalfa and a wide variety of natural herbs and essential oils.
It contains special herbs including eucalyptus, thyme, peppermint, pennyroyal, marjoram and basil.
  • highly digestible and very tasty
  • high in vitamins (esp. Vit. B., E., Biotine)
  • stimulates digestion, general health and muscle metabolism
Reform-Herbal-Muesli is very suitable for:

- Horses with digestive problems
- Horses with allergies or horses sensitive to excessive protein
- Muscle stimulation
- Respiratory system stimulation

Original oats-free mash with toasted linseed meal for a purifying action and perfect appearance. The special formula stimulates the skin, hair and hooves and has a very positive effect on the intestinal flora. Due to the easy absorption Slobber-Mash is ideal for (old) horses with chewing problems. 

  • Rich in vitamins and easy digestible fibres
  • With extra linoleic acid and sunflower oil
  • Ideal for horses with digestion problems, prone to equine colic or (old) horses with chewing problems
  • Improves hoof and coat condition