Metworst race... powered by HAVENS

Yesterday the “Metworst race” took place, powered by HAVENS. The Metworst race is a horse race that for more than 280 years traditionally is held on Carnival Monday in Vortum-Mullem in Boxmeer (NL).
Not everyone can participate in the race, participation is only possible for bachelors born and raised in Boxmeer. The winner of the race will receive a seven-ounce long sausage, two white breads, two barrels of beer and half a pig's head, and of course the title 'King of the Metworst'. It is special when the King of the Metworst wins three consecutive years, then this person may call himself "Emperor of the Metworst".
The 2020 King title was won by 19-year-old Gijs Snijders, congratulations!