Are HAVENS concentrate feeds complete feeds?

Horses need a diet with a lot of fibres (roughage) for a healthy digestion system and also energy, vitamins, minerals, trace-elemenst etc.
HAVENS concentrates (mueslis or cubes) contain different levels of energy, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. To cover a horse's need of fibres however, one must feed enough roughage in addition to these concentrates.

In terms of vitamins, trace-elements etc, our concentrates are considered to be complete, as they all contain sufficient levels of these nutrients and it is not necessary to add any vitamines etc. when feeding normal serving sizes.
However, the feeds are not complete in the sense that they do not cover a horse's essential need for fibres, so enough roughage always must be fed along with the concentrates.
In other words; a horse could not live on HAVENS feeds only, it needs lots of roughage every day.

Failure to add (sufficient) roughage to a horse's diet may result in digestive problems, colic or even death.
  • For concentrates we recommend approx. 0,5 -1 kg (depending on exersice level) concentrate feed per 100 kg bodyweight per day
  • For roughage we recommend to feed at least 1,5% of the bodyweight per day (for example: a horse of 600kg needs at least 9 kg hay per day)