New product: Gastro+

HAVENS has formulated a new and unique feed for all horses and ponies that suffer from digestive problems or stomach ulcers: the Gastro+ ! Its features are: 

Blended with a special cocktail of acid buffers such as sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium and additional probiotics to sooth the stomach and neutralise excess acid. This helps to regenerate the stomach lining.
+ Supports normal stomach activity.
Gastro+ is a nutritionally complete feed with a high specification of amino-acids, vitamins (i.a. 400mg Vit.E), and trace elements; providing your (sport)horse with all nutrients it needs.
+ Improved performance.
Low starch content in combination with a high content of alfalfa, promoting the chewing and saliva production. Alfalfa and saliva are both proven to be a natural buffer to acidity in the digestive
+ Optimal digestive health.
Extra oil is included with an optimal omega-6 to omega-3 fattyacid ratio that favours ulcer healing. Also, it provides slow releasing energy to support optimal performance.
+ Anti-inflammatory effect.
Gastro+ is ideal for horses with stomach and digestive problems. Often these horses suffer from inexplicable complaints. Does your horse show one or more of the following symptoms?

• Regularly recurring colic
• Frequently cribbing, teeth grinding or yawning
• Loss of healthy appetite
• Decreased performance
• Lack of energy and passive attitude
• Poor coat condition
• Weight loss
• Bloated stomach
• Soft or sour-smelling manure
Then Gastro+ can provide a solution for your horse!

Gastro+ is from now on available through your HAVENS-reseller. Please contact him to make your order!
Click HERE for more information on the Gastro+