The importance of a healthy microbiome

A horse's digestive system consists of 92% intestines. Of this, 28% of the intestines are the small intestines and the remaining 64% consist of the cecum and the colon. The title of ‘the engine of the digestive system of the horse’ is, due to its size, given to the hindgut. Which is why it is so important that it functions properly. But how do you know if the hindgut of your horse is functioning properly? Down below are some signs of a healthy working bowel function:
  • A fit and energetic horse
  • A healthy skin and shiny coat
  • Solid manure
  • A well-functioning digestive system
  • Good nutrition absorption and appetite
If your horse is missing one of the earlier mentioned signs it might be possible that the microbiome of the hindgut is unbalanced.The microbiome exists of trillion bacteria’s, viruses, yeasts and fungi which survive in the intestines. An unbalance can occur because of:
  • Big changes in feed
  • Decreased roughage quality
  • Intensive/heavy training
  • Stress
  • Old age
When there is an imbalance, bad bacteria’s get the upper hand and more good bacteria will die off. This imbalance needs to be prevented to avoid (serious) health problems.
 Especially for these horses, we advise the HAVENS EquiForce Gut Support. This supplement stimulates a healthy bowel function. The product contains a very high concentration of horse-specific live yeast cells which suppresses harmful bacteria and promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria.

Additional benefits of the EquiForce Gut Support are:
  • It contributes to better roughage digestion and optimises the body’s own production of water-soluble vitamins (including Vitamin C and biotin)
  • Supports the absorption of nutrients and improves skin-, coat- and hoof condition
  • It reduces the risk of digestives imbalances
Next to live yeast cells, EquiForce Gut Support also contains Agrimos® and Kieselgur.

What is the effect of Agrimos®?
  • Agrimos® are complex carbohydrate that prevent harmful micro-organisms from gaining a foothold in the horse’s digestive tract
  • It actually binds to immune-specific intestinal cells, increasing their activity against pathogens
  • Lastly, they also feed beneficial strains of bacteria in the digestive tract
What is the effect of Kieselgur?
  • Kieselgur originates from fossilzed microalgae and is specially added because it can bind certain toxins after purification.
  • It has a great sponge effect and can inactivate toxins, making them less harmful or even render them harmless.
  • Good for the skin-, coat-, and hoof condition
We recommend EquiForce Gut Support especially in cases of intestinal digestive imbalance and when the mentioned signs of healthy gut functioning are missing. Do you want to optimize your horse’s gut function? Don’t wait and contact your dealer!
Full product description can be found here.

NOTE: In case of ongoing problems, always contact your vet!