Weaning foals properly

 The end of the summer is approaching and September is just right around the corner. Which also means the time of weaning off the foals is near! A stressful period for foals and mares, but if you can take a few things into account you can reduce a lot of the stress. Of course, nutrition also plays a important role during this period of time.

Some important tips:‚Äč
  1. Prepare both foal and mother for the upcoming weaning time and temporarily separate them in daily life in preparation. For example, leave the foal in the stable/box when the mother goes out for a while.
  2. Also allow the foal to get used to dealing with people beforehand, for example by practicing brushing and picking out the hooves etc. 
  3. Additionally, get the foal used to forage and concentrate in time so that this alteration is not completely new during weaning. From the 4th month, the foal normally starts eating more grass and hay. At this age, you can also slowly introduce the foal to concentrate feed such as our Opti-GROW. In most cases the foal starts eating concentrate with his/her mother much sooner, from this time a foal feed may also be introduced. Especially after weaning, it is extremely important to replace the missing mother's milk with sufficient high-quality feed, in order to give the foal a good start and not have a negative influence on its growth.

Opti-GROW foal feed (5 mm pellet)
Our Opti-GROW provides an excellent energy and protein supply and consists exclusively of high-quality and easily digestible natural ingredients. It optimally supports the foal in the first 18 months of its life.
  • Enriched with high-quality protein and milk powder, making it highly palatable
  • The multi-calcium complex and the additional amino acids support a balanced development of the foal’s skeleton and muscle mass
  • The high palatability and the reduced diameter ensure an easy intake at a young age 
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Bag of 25 kg (Art. Nr.: 05005)