New: EquiForce Psyllium

EquiForce Psyllium are dried husks from the plant Plantago ovata, more commonly known as Isphagol or Psyllium. The husks (= outer seed shells or bran) from this plant have a very high content of jelly-forming, dietetic fibres. When soaked in water and saliva in the horse´s digestive
tract the husks form a thick mucilage that has unique sand binding properties. Sand that may be
accumulated in the horse´s large intestine is encapsulated and expelled with the manure. Accumulation of sand ingested by the horse is thus prevented.

EquiForce Psyllium is a highly refined husk product of 95 % purity with excellent jelly-forming properties. It is recommended for sand-out purposes. This is especially important for horses that
have access to sandy/muddy pastures or paddocks, or just pastures where all the high grass is eaten up and the horses are searching the ground for grass roots.
These horses will inevitably ingest some sand and soil that can accumulate in the intestine.