New: EquiForce Performance+ Booster

EquiForce Performance+ Booster is a highly concentrated energy booster with chelated trace
elements and antioxidants. It provides the horse with new instant energy.
This booster is a highly concentrated supplement for oral use. It contains easy and fast absorbable energy (meritose) and electrolytes with trace elements that encourage the horse to drink before, under, and after hard exercise and transport. 

An optimum hydration of the body cells is crucial for a steady performance of the sport horse. When a horse becomes dehydrated his heart must work harder and his muscle and nerve function is disrupted.
EquiForce Performance+ Booster also contains natural vitamin E and organic selenium. Both have a high absorbency and act as effective antioxidants. They raise the horse’s immune barrier and the
ability to recover from the negative effects from hard exercise and add to the horse´s well-being and ability to perform at its best, also when performing multiple days at a show.