Are you prepared for foal season?


Pregnant and lactating mares not only have to look after themselves, they are also responsible for the initial development of the foal. Ferto-LAC 3 (7mm pellet) not only completely covers the needs of the mare, but also that of the unborn foal.
To achieve the best results, we recommend feeding Ferto-LAC 3 in the last 3-4 months of gestation and until the foal is weaned (see scheme). Opti-GROW is for all foals until an age of 18 months.

Our EquiForce Beta+ is a concentrated beta-carotene supplement with natural vitamin E and selenium. Beta carotene (also pro-vitamin A) is a precursor of vitamin A and is of great importance for the mare's entire reproductive cycle.
• Promotes oestrus and ovulation in mares and strengthens the maintenance of an achieved pregnancy. It also improves the sperm quality and quantity of active stallions

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