In need of extra electrolytes for your horse?

In warmer weather, our horses sweat more than normal and lose important minerals. A horse's ideal temperature is up to around 15°C, above this temperature a horse will start to sweat more. After excessive sweating, it is very important to replenish these lost minerals. One can do this by feeding concentrates or administering supplements.
Our Power Plus Mix, Performance 14 and Endurance 14 concentrate feeds contain extra absorbable electrolytes that quickly replenish electrolyte reserves. Especially when horses still need to perform optimally in warm temperatures, we recommend one of these performance mueslis:

Power-Plus Mix
  • Energy-rich mix including extra corn, barley flakes and black oats
  • Extra electrolytes, for optimal support in hot temperatures and during intensive training/competitions
  • High-quality proteins that support optimal muscle development
  • Packaging: 20 kg bag
  • Productsheet Power-Plus Mix
Performance 14
  • Deluxe muesli with a unique combination of long-lasting and explosive energy
  • High-quality proteins and essential amino acids that support muscle building and recovery
  • Dried banana flakes and additional electrolytes quickly replenish mineral reserves
  • Contains dried garlic and Gastro+ to support healthy digestion
  • Packaging: 20 kg bag
  • Productsheet Performance 14
Endurance 14
  • Complete premium Power & Protein muesli for horses in endurance sports
  • Concentrated energy source for a constant and long-lasting supply of energy
  • High-quality proteins and essential amino acids for optimal muscle support
  • Additional electrolytes to replenish mineral reserves quickly
  • Contains dried garlic and Gastro+ to support healthy digestion.
  • Packaging: 20 kg bag
  • Productsheet Endurance 14
Electrolyte reserves can also be replenished by adding a supplement such as EQUIFORCE Lyte (available in powder or liquid form):
  • Highly concentrated electrolytes with additional trace elements and effective antioxidants
  • Supports optimal electrolyte and fluid balance
  • Provides effective muscle protection while improving fitness, increasing water intake and accelerating recovery
  • Highly palatable; in powder or liquid form
  • Lyte product sheet (powder)
  • Lyte Liquid product sheet