HAVENS available at Asian Games 2018

HAVENS will be available at the 18th Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia (from August 18th thru September 2nd 2018). The Equestrian competitions will be held at Jakarta International Equestrian Park Pulomas (JIEPP), a historical riding facility that was one of the first in Indonesia and has been transformed into a beauiful state-of-the-art facility (see video).
Like at previous Asian Games, HAVENS Horsefeed will be present and available from the opening of the stables starting August 8.

Available HAVENS Feeds
Following HAVENS products will be available (on a “first-come-first-serve-basis”):
  • HAVENS Basis-Sportbrok (25 kg)
  • HAVENS Cool-Mix (without Oats) (20 kg)
  • HAVENS DraversBrok (25 kg)
  • HAVENS Power-Plus Mix
The HAVENS feedstore will be managed by our Indonesian Importer:
  • PT. Sentra Sauyunan Lestari
Strider-store; Komplek Setrasari Mall Blok B2 No 18
Bandung – 40163; Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Mr. Yudi Hartanto (►)  - E-mail: horse@equinerpro.co.id
  • Tel. +62 812 2168 972 or +62 812 2269 8871
Please note:
  • for practical reasons, only a selection of the HAVENS Bestsellers (see verso) will be available (not all feeds) and on a “first-come-first-serve-basis”;
  • please contact us as soon as possible (before friday july 25th 2018) to make a feed-reservation and/or for any specific feeds or needs.
IMPORTANT: Guarantee for Doping-free feed:
All HAVENS-feeds will be tested on the absence of feed-related doping-ingredients  (like theobromine, caffeine, theophiline, morphine) at the FEI approved laboratory of the LGC LIMITED, Newmarket Road, Fordham, Cambs, United Kingdom. Copies of laboratory-analysis are submitted upon request.