New items added to EquiForce product range

We have recently added 3 new products to our range of supplements. The EquiForce B+ and Matrix HA are now not only available in powder form, but also in a liquid form. In addition, the Zinc & Copper is added:
EquiForce B+ (Liquid) (1l)
Concentrated liquid vitamin B supplement, rich in all B vitamins that horses need. Recommended to prevent or replenish Vit. B shortages, which can occur in periods moulting, during the growth phase (foals / young animals), and in intensive periods of training and / or competitions.
Typical symptoms of a Vit.B deficiency are: fatigue, loss of appetite, laborious agitation and deterioration of skin, coat and hooves.
EquiForce Matrix HA (Liquid) (1l)
Healthy and supple joints are important for the well-being of a horse and essential for sports performance. The Matrix HA Liquid is a highly concentrated joint supplement with glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, boswellin and Hyaluron Acid. To maintain healthy cartilage and flexible joints and improve mobility.
This is an exact – yet liquid - copy of our EF Matrix HA.
EquiForce Zinc & Copper (powder) (1 or 3 kg)
A concentrated and easily absorbed supplement of organic zinc and copper (Cu) with natural vit. E and organic selenium which strengthens and regenerates the skin from the inside.
Recommended for horses whose natural protection of the skin and the immune system is weakened, e.g. in muddy paddocks / meadows, during rainy periods or during hot periods when horses suffer a lot from insects.
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