New supplement: EquiForce Lyte Liquid

EquiForce Lyte Liquid is a supplement that instantly compensates the loss of electrolytes and energy.
It contains 100% pure meritose; a highly absorbable carbohydrate source for instant energy. In addition, a high concentration of water-soluble electrolytes is added to optimally compensate sweat losses.
Regular administration (immediately after sweating) encourages the horse to drink plenty of water, which contributes to its well-being and performance.
  • It contains concentrations much higher than in similar products on the market
  • Meritose has the fastest  absorbance of all carbohydrate source for horses, and also adds great taste
  • The used electrolytes are all water-soluble and combined in a ratio that corresponds to their ratio found in the sweat of the horse
  • It can be poured over the feed, in the drinking water (always provide a separate drinking bowl with fresh water) or directly administered in the mouth with a syringe