Is your horse too fresh in winter?

Many horses wear a (thick) blanket during the cold winter months. This is wonderfully warm but a stark contrast to the cold they feel as soon as the blanket is taken off for riding. Often, the temperature in the stable is higher than in the indoor arena and particularly warmer than the outdoor arena. It is therefore quite understandable that many horses are much fresher in winter than our warm summers. This is not a problem for all horses and/or riders, but there are horses that are too fresh in winter. In this case, it is time to have a good look at the diet we are feeding.

First of all, it is important to know that in winter a horse uses more energy to keep itself warm. By using a blanket, you ensure that a horse needs less energy for this. The horse can get a lot of its energy from roughage, energy that is released slowly and does not make horses hotter during training. However, the roughage has to provide this, and unfortunately not all do. It is advised that you know the quality of your roughage and from here you can adjust it if necessary. 

In addition, it is important to look critically at the concentrate feed. Does the current concentrate feed suit the colder months of the year? If necessary, you can switch to a lower-energy concentrate such as HAVENS Cool-Mix. The name says it all; this richly vitaminized muesli is low in energy and thus non-heating. Thanks to the rich vitamins, you make sure your horse gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs without giving an excess of energy.
This feed is often fed to (top) sport horses that are already hot enough but need the necessary nutrients to perform well. Of course, it is also very suitable for recreational horses; as you can give the horse all the necessary vitamins/minerals even with a low amount of concentrate. In addition, it contributes to better recovery after exercise. This reduces the risk of injuries and increases your horse's immune resistance which is also vital in the winter months.

Do you doubt whether the current diet suits your horse's needs? Feel free to contact HAVENS for feeding advice! Click HERE to go directly to our Help-Desk