Autumn: supplement your roughage with extra fibres and protein

Towards the autumn, the nutritional values ​​in grass are known to be decreasing.Crude fibre and protein levels in particular drop sharply in the autumn.

By adding HAVENS Fiber Dice, HAVENS MIX or HAVENS BRIX you can easily upgrade your horse's diet and optimally support the transition from grazing to stable season!
These products contain extra high-quality proteins and a lots of fibres, while at the same time they have a low sugar and starch content.
  • The delicious Fiber Dice are extra large chunks (3x3cm) of timothy tea, alfalfa and dried apple pieces. They contain a lot of structure and ensure that your horses needs to chew them well. This also makes it ideal to mix with the concentrate if your horse likes to gobble. If your horse has trouble chewing, Fibre Dice can also be soaked in water.
  • HAVENS MIX is a universally chaff mix of timothy grass, alfalfa and linseed products. Just add a few handfuls of MIX on top of the pellets /cubes and your horse will take a much longer time to chew on his food. This also ensures a high saliva production, which benefits a healthy stomach and optimal digestion. Linseed is a natural source of omega fatty acids.
  • HAVENS BRIX are hard-pressed blocks (0.5 kg each) of alfalfa and mint and ideal as a reward or to upgrade the horse's ration. Your horse can nibble on the BRIX for a while and that's good against boredom