ENDURANCE 14: New muesli for long distance athletes

In recent months we have been busy developing a new muesli that is especially designed for horses in endurance sports such as endurance, eventing, marathon and dressage.

Endurance 14 is a premium Power & Protein muesli for horses in long distance performance
These are horses that really have to “perform”. Nutrition has a great influence on the performance of an endurance horse. The feed-quality, energy source and proteinlevel have a direct effect on musclepower, speed and stamina.

Endurance 14 contains specific ingredients to support long-lasting challenges:
  • A unique combination of starch, oils and fibres is used to fuel your endurance athlete during training and competition. It provides a highly digestible long lasting formula to enhance a controlled performance. 
  • Endurance 14 is a source of high quality proteins (14%) and essential amino acids, promoting muscle development and repair. For extra muscle support, it contains a high vitamin E level to support the discharge of milk acid and make the muscles more elastic. 
  • Endurance 14 contains dried banana flakes and extra electrolytes. Bananas are very tasty and loaded with electrolytes and thus very helpful in replenishing minerals that are flushed out via sweat. Electrolytes must be present in proper concentrations to maintain fluid balance, muscle contraction and neural activity.  
  • The dried garlic in Endurance 14 supports the homeostasis and helps maintaining a normal blood pressure. Furthermore, garlic - rich in selenium and sulphur - supports the immune system and acts as a vital antioxidant  
  • Gastro+ is blended with a special cocktail of sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium and additional probiotics to help maintain a normal acidity and protect the stomach lining.
Packaging: 20 kg

Ask your local HAVENS reseller or importer about availability and price!