Frequently asked questions about Gastro+


The Gastro+ has been a bestseller ever since its introduction in 2016. We get a lot of positive feedback from satisfied customers. But also questions about its use, here’s an overview of frequently asked questions:
  • Is Gastro+ doping-free?
YES, the Gastro + contains no ingredients or nutritional values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are not permitted by the FEI. Gastro+ is therefore a doping-free feed and ideal for competition horses. There is also no waiting time, it can be continuously be fed during competitions! Many top riders such as Jeroen Dubbeldam and Jur Vrieling rely on Gastro+ for their horses.
  • Is the Gastro+ a complete food or do I have to add another muesli or supplements?
Gastro+ is a nutritionally complete feed with a high specification of amino-acids, vitamins (i.a. 400mg Vit.E), and trace elements; providing the horse with all nutrients it needs.
Combining Gastro+ with another muesli or supplement is therefore absolutely unnecessary and even reduces the positive effect of the Gastro+.
If the rider/owner nonetheless prefers to combine Gastro+ with another feed, we recommend the Endurance 14 as it also contains around 30% Gastro+.
  • Can I give the Gastro+ continuously or is it a treatment that can only be given for a short period?
The Gastro+ is very suitable to be fed on a continuous basis. The positive effect on stomach or digestion do not diminish when using it over longer periods and horses do not build up “resistance" against the active ingredients. 
Many horse owners feed the Gastro+ continuously to prevent from returning stomach issues.
  • Is Gastro+ also suitable for leisure horses?
YES, not only sport horses are at risk of developing stomach ulcers. Research shows that stomach ulcers / stomach problems are also common in foals, leisure horses of cold-blood types.
The Gastro+ is thus very suitable for all horses and ponies. It is sufficient to feed a reduced amount to easy-to-feed horses, sober breeds or leisure horses.