Feed for horses in sport and performance

HAVENS has a number of specific formulas for horses in sport or high performance/training.
DraversBrok is one of the oldest HAVENS products and the number one bestselling sport- and performance cube for horses in medium to heavy work. The cubes are composed of cereals (oats, barley, corn, wheat), alfalfa, linseed and other exclusive ingredients. 
  • 100% natural energy; high starch content
  • For perfect vitality and optimal hoof and skin condition
  • High levels of B-vitamins, biotin and minerals

Power-Plus Mix is a concentrated premium cereal mix with black oats, micronised barley and maize and extra electrolytes. It improves musclefittness and gives extra power for horses in intense training and (top)sport.

  • Low protein level; to avoid overcharging of the kidneys
  • Strong and elastic muscles without fattening
  • Additional electrolytes; ideal during heavy training and in hot climates
  • High vitamin-levels

Derby Compact is a premium high energy formula for horses in hard/intense training. Due to its exclusive and cereal based composition it is highly digestible and a perfect horsefeed for thoroughbreds or horses in (top)sport dressage and jumping. 

  • Contains a specific natural yeast for optimal digestion of cereals
  • For additional strenght and musclefittness
  • Easy digestible and low proteinlevel

An all-round horse muesli for all kind fo sport and breeding horses with corn and barley flakes, crushed black oats and a special vitamin supplement. 

  • Highly digestible, low in protein and high energy
  • Ensures perfect condition and vitality
  • Gives extra energy after training

Kentucky Lite E. is an exclusive blend of black and white oats, corn, barley, wheat and a special high-performance vitamincube. It has a very high level of energy from carbohydrates and easily digestible starch. Fits all types of performance horses and horses in hard work. 

  • Permits optimal loading and storage of glycogen reserves
  • High Vit.E; improves muscle condition
  • Can be fed as a complete horsefeed or as an energy boost