Gastro+ for an optimal digestion

HAVENS has formulated a unique feed : the Gastro+ !

Gastro+ is a 7mm cube with the following unique features:
  • Supports normal stomach activity. Gastro+ is blended with a special cocktail of sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium and additional probiotics to sooth the stomach and neutralise excess acid. This helps to regenerate the stomach lining.            
  • Improved performanceGastro+ is a nutritionally complete feed with a high specification of amino-acids, vitamins (i.a. 400mg Vit.E), and trace elements; providing your (sport)horse with all nutrients it needs. 
  • Optimal digestive health. A low starch content in combination with a high content of alfalfa, promoting the chewing and saliva production. Alfalfa and saliva are both proven to be a natural buffer to acidity in the digestive tract 
  • Anti-inflammatory effectExtra oil is included with an optimal omega-6 to omega-3 fattyacid ratio that favours ulcer healing. Also, it provides slow releasing energy to support optimal performance. 
Horses are natural grazers and spend (if allowed) almost all-day grazing. Constant grazing produces a continuous supply of saliva to the stomach that balances the on-going production of gastric acid.
Today’s domesticated environment with an unnatural feeding regime together with increased training, and stress from competing and travelling can contribute to gastric problems. Gastric ulcers may be caused by damage to the stomach lining due to an imbalance between the gastric acid production and the protection of the stomach lining.
An estimated 60% of sport horses and over 90% of race horses have some degree of gastric ulcers!
Not only stomach ulcers, but digestive problems in general have a disruptive effect on the performance and the well-being of a horse.
Nutrients can no longer be optimally absorbed and a horse can quickly suffer from a sore stomach and loss of condition.
This not only applies to competition horses, but also to foals or recreational horses. 
Symptoms of digestive problems
Horses with stomach ulcers and digestive problems often suffer from inexplicable complaints. Does your horse show one or more of the following symptoms?

• Regularly recurring colic
• Frequently cribbing, teeth grinding or yawning
• Loss of healthy appetite
• Decreased performance
• Lack of energy and passive attitude
• Poor coat condition
• Weight loss
• Bloated stomach
• Soft or sour-smelling manure

Then Gastro+ can be suitable for your horse!